Learning About How Immunizations Affect The Whole Community

You may be fully aware that vaccination helps the person who takes it prevent or reduce the symptoms of certain illnesses, some of which have life-threatening or long-term consequences, especially in the vulnerable.

However, at Fairway Children's Medical Group, serving West Covina, CA, and the nearby region, we'd like to take a moment to stress how vaccinations affect the entire community and let you know that Dr. Jackyln Chan and Dr. Eva Chan are available to help you devise a schedule and keep your little one up-to-date on inoculations.

Protect the Vulnerable

Some people can't receive certain vaccines due to a potential allergic reaction or because they have a certain condition that makes them unsafe for them. Sometimes, it's only one vaccination they can't get, but in other cases, it's more. 

Age is another factor to consider. Each vaccine is deemed safe in a certain age group only. Therefore, these individuals can't receive it until a certain time.

Whenever your child receives routine vaccinations, you not only protect them, but you protect those who can't get the vaccine as of yet or in general.

Promote Herd Immunity

Herd immunity is a term that means a large number of a group or community is immune to a particular illness. Through inoculations, we develop herd immunity, where there's a large number of people who are unable to acquire the illness or develop as serious of issues from it. The microorganisms that cause the illness then have few vectors it can affect, and therefore, less of a chance of spreading.

Keep Kids in School

As a whole, when a majority of parents receive the recommended vaccines for their children, there are fewer missed school days for children.

Not only does your child miss fewer days of school, but when a majority of individuals in West Covina, CA, have a required immunization, the children overall attend school more often.

At Fairway Children's Medical Group, serving West Covina, CA, and the nearby region, Dr. Chan and Dr. Chan are dedicated to helping children stay healthy and encouraging each child to receive the recommended vaccinations, not just for their health but also for the community.

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