Why Regular Wellness Visits Are Important

Your children are your life. Dr. Eva Chan and Dr. Jackyln Chan at Fairway Children’s Medical Group – your pediatrician in West Covina, CA – can help you keep them healthy and growing strong. 

3 Reasons Pediatric Wellness Visits Are Important

It’s no secret that parents’ agendas are booked – often spilling over. And many children have the same issue due to school, sports, and club commitments. It can be easy to lose track of annual wellness visits – and even easier to skip them when life is just too busy to add one more thing. However, Dr. Eva and Dr. Jackyln at Fairway Children’s Medical Group in West Covina, CA share a few reasons why you should make visiting your pediatrician a priority.

1. Assurance That Everything Is As It Should Be 

Wellness visits allow your pediatrician to give your child a thorough exam. This includes taking their vital signs, checking their growth and development, keeping an eye out for mental health challenges, screening their hearing and vision, and more. They then compare this to previous visits, as well as what is considered normal for their age and size. This exam can give parents peace of mind that their children are healthy and developing as they should be.

2. Early Intervention

If the pediatrician notices signs of any current or potential issues, they can discuss it with you and provide recommendations for steps that need to be taken. Whether it’s a physical issue or a mental health issue, the earlier something can be done, the higher the chances of a successful outcome.

Imagine, for instance, that your family struggles with heart health. Your pediatrician can help keep an eye out for any risk factors that might lead your child down the same path. During wellness visits, the pediatrician can share tips to prevent it. The earlier you address any concerns, the more you can reduce your child’s risk of developing the same issues.

3. Vaccinations

Vaccinations enable your child’s body to fight illnesses and diseases that can have a very negative impact on your child. Some can even prove fatal. Your child will get any necessary vaccinations during wellness visits to ensure they remain as healthy as possible.

Is it time for your child’s annual visit to a pediatrician? Schedule an appointment with Drs. Eva and Dr. Jackyln Chan at Fairway Children’s Medical Group in West Covina, CA by calling (909) 594-3382 today.

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