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Physical Exams

Many schools require physical exams for children before they start the school year or play a sport. They ensure your child is healthy, current on immunizations, and safe to play their chosen activity. Jackyln Chan, MD, FAAP, and the expert staff at Fairway Children’s Medical Group offer comprehensive physical exams for children of all ages at their West Covina, California office. Whether your child needs an annual physical for school or their upcoming sport, the exam helps diagnose underlying conditions and offers treatment options. Call the practice today to book a physical exam or reach out online. 

Physical Exams Q&A

What is a physical exam? 

Your child doesn’t need to be sick or suffer from any symptoms for you to schedule a physical exam. They may need a physical when starting the school year or enrolling in a sport. 

Your child may need a pre-participation physical examination (PPE) when starting school sports. A PPE makes sure your child is ready for their chosen activity, like baseball, football, soccer, or track. This helps minimize their risk of injury. 

Whether your child is entering preschool, daycare, elementary school, or college, each step may have different physical requirements. You should communicate these requirements with your provider before your appointment. 

During a physical exam, your provider assesses your child’s health holistically. They identify any acute or chronic physical conditions and mental health concerns and equip them with tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

For preventive measures, Fairway Children’s Medical Group recommends an annual physical for children of all ages to help identify any serious health conditions early on and to avoid expensive treatments in the future.

What happens during a physical exam? 

When arriving for your child’s appointment, prepare to discuss any medications they take and known health issues or allergies. Your provider can also communicate with outside specialists.

During your child’s physical, you can expect your provider to: 

  • Note your child’s and family’s medical history 
  • Check their weight and height
  • Discuss any symptoms or concerns
  • Take their vitals (blood pressure, respiratory and heart rate) 
  • Conduct a dermatological exam 
  • Evaluate joints, strength, posture, and flexibility (for school sports) 
  • Perform a head, chest, and abdomen exam 
  • Examine their nose, ears, and throat
  • Conduct a vision check 
  • Perform a mental health evaluation 

During an exam, your provider can also administer vaccinations. 

Does a physical exam include tests or screenings?

If your provider suspects your child has an underlying health condition, they may recommend a metabolic panel, complete blood count, or screening for anemia, tuberculosis, and high cholesterol.  

Your provider may conduct additional tests if your child is at higher risk for cancer, thyroid issues, or heart conditions. 

Your provider may counsel children on healthy lifestyle choices, personal hygiene, tips to avoid injury, or education on substance misuse. The practice encourages them to speak freely about any physical or mental health concerns.

To book a physical exam, call Fairway Children’s Medical Group today or use the online scheduling tool.