Referral FAQs

1.  I just called the number on the referral and they told me that …

a. they don't see kids

b. your kid is too young for our clinic

c. the doctor is retiring and no longer working

d. the doctor is not taking new patients anymore 

Answer: We apologize for the inconvenience however you must call the referral department of allied pacific (626-282-0288) to notify them about this issue.  Their system has not been updated with the current information so please call and inform them.  At the same time, they will assist you to find another specialist who can see your child.  

2. The specialty clinic is too far away.  Can I get one closer to my house?  

Answer: The referral department takes your location into consideration so if the specialist is far away, it must be the closest one that is contracted with your insurance.  Pediatric specialists are difficult to find and there aren’t many of them so we often have to go with who our insurance covers.  

3. The specialist I got assigned to doesn't speak my primary language.  

Answer: Most specialists, if not all, should have translation services.  Please call their office and ask.  Otherwise, please call Allied Pacific (626-282-0288) Referral Department and ask if they can seek one that can speak your desired language.  

4. I called the specialist and scheduled an appointment, but their wait time is so long that my authorization will expire by then.  Can you please extend the time? 

Answer: Yes, we would be happy to extend it for you.  Because of the pandemic, the wait time for specialists has increased so we understand the difficulty.  Once we receive the new one, we will email you a copy of the new approval letter and you will receive one from the insurance company as well.

5. Can you schedule an appointment with the specialist for my child? 

Answer: Unfortunately, because we do not know your family’s availability and day to day schedule, our staff are not the best people to schedule the appointment for you.  To ensure you get the most desired date and time, it is best that you schedule your child’s appointment.  Thank you!